Online educational resources dedicated to the photography of wildlife
in Devon and Cornwall. The aim, to further environmental awareness and
education through the medium of photography, and aid identification.

a-p-h-o-t-o wildlife stock image library
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"Furthering environmental awareness and education through the medium of photography."

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APHOTOFLORA for images of
Wildflowers Plants Trees etc.

APHOTOFUNGI for images of
Mushrooms Toadtools Fungi

APHOTOFAUNA for images of
Land and Terrestrial Wildlife

APHOTOMARINE for images of
marine rockpool and shorelife

A-P-H-O-T-O Wildlife Videos
- a new site, not many clips.

Roscadghill Parc Wildlife

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a-p-h-o-t-o wildlife stock image library link to aphotomarine website link to aphotoflora website link to aphotofauna website link to aphotofungi website
Also see Roscadghill Parc Wildlife - Images of wildlife mostly found in the authors 10m x 10m garden in Heamoor, Cornwall, UK.

The aim of the A-P-H-O-T-O websites is to increase public awareness and assist in the identification of flora and fauna of the region.
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All Wildlife Photography © David Fenwick 2014